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    Classis Bulk data export

      I've been looking around and haven't found much of anything pertaining to the bulk data export feature of EUEM.  I have it enabled and the staging area is receiving data, and there's 1 days 0 hr 3 min of data in my staging area.


      I figured out that calling https://<appliance>/getexport?usr=<USERNAME>&pwd=<PWD> gives me a zip of everything in the staging area, but actually it fails to open up.  I get the zip, it has an objects.csv in it with size, but all I get is an error when I try opening the csv.


      My question is...what other params are there for this feature?  can I filter the export to a specific watchpoint?


      I'm looking for a full reference doc for the export API...assuming there is one.




      still stuck on legacy appliance,