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    Oracle Patching BSA

    Justin Dettmann



      Is it possible to patch Oracle DB with BSA? I see SQL is listed as a filter when creating a patch catalogue, but Oracle is not there.


      Or what would the right product be to do DB patching.


      Pointing me to some reference docs would be great.




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          Mike Jones



          The BMC answer will probably point you towards the database automation suite, which is a separate very good product for this and a lot of other database capability


          You can apply Oracle patches with BSA, you just need to add them as standard depot items with associated deploy jobs, plus any required automation scripts for application control/DB failover. The advantage of BDA is that it has the intelligence built-in to handle most of the above

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            Bill Robinson

            also - the reason you see sqlserver patches is that you are using windows analysis.  shavlik (which is what bsa uses for analysis on windows) provides checks for various software.  so sql server is one of those, but unfortunately oracle is not.  as mike mentioned bda would be a better choice, and bsa can directly deploy the patches - you could probably write an extended object that would show the patches installed w/ opatch.

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