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    Executing Actions against hosts with alternate port configs

    richard mcleod

      Interesting quandry I'm in...


      I have some hosts which run an application that uses port 4750, so I've configured RSCD on those hosts to use 104750, additionally I've updated the configuration on the appservers to reflect the port configuration for the hosts explicitly.


      Here is a list of actions that work using the updated configuration:

      • Live Browse
      • Deploy Configuration Objects
      • Deploy BL Packages
      • Run Discovery Jobs
      • Run Compliance Jobs


      Here is a list of actions that DO NOT work:

      • Update Server Properties
      • Snapshot


      What I'm running on

      BL APP Version: 8.2.03

      BL RSCD Version: 8.2.03


      From what I can see in the job logs the Snapshot and USP jobs are hardcoded to connect to the host using 4750 where as the jobs/actions that DO work are connecting dynamically based on the configuration. [edit: per Bill, restarting the appserver services will update the usp/snapshot ports for targets with alternate port configs, CONFIRMED, but jobs still fail to connect]


      Anyone know a workaround for fixing this?