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    How can I use the blcli to configure batchjob email notification?

      I have a batch file that's been created via the cli.  When I look at the batch job, under the default notifications tab, I see settings for email notification.  This batch job is created using "BatchJob createBatchJob ..." but when I look at the blcli reference guide for BatchJob, I don't see any options for configuring job run notifications. 



      Under the cli index, under email notifications, I do see options for updaing jobs:

           Job : addDailyScheduleWithEMailNotification

           Job : addDailyScheduleWithEMailNotificationAndPriority

           Job : addIntervalScheduleWithEMailNotification

           Job : addMonthlyScheduleWithEMailNotification

           Job : addMonthlyScheduleWithEMailNotificationAndPriority

           Job : addOneTimeScheduleWithEMailNotification

           Job : addOneTimeScheduleWithEMailNotificationAndPriority

           Job : addOneTimeScheduleWithEMailNotificationAndWithApproval

           Job : addWeeklyScheduleWithEMailNotification

           Job : addWeeklyScheduleWithEMailNotificationAndPriority


      But these don't appear to be what I want -- I don't want to schedule a job, I just want to set who gets an email...