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    Setting up new a MESH configuration

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      I’m trying to set up a number of PC’s in a MESH configuration for software deployment across parts of our computer estate. We currently use one main transmitter for software deployment across all our sites but we would like to use the MESH configuration in our smaller sites to reduce the load on that transmitter.


      We’ve tried to set a small number of PC’s for a PoC but so far haven’t been able get the target/client PC’s to pull software from the intended “provider” PC. All PC tuners have the “marimba.tuner.p2p.enabled” property set to true yet the target/client PC’s still retrieve the software from our main transmitter.


      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, specifically about setting up tuners to be “hosts” and how to point the “client” PC’s at them.



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          One more thing you might need to check:

          To ensure that peers respond to UDP packets and reply back to the requesting tuner, they must share the same broadcast address and UDP port. The broadcast address and UDP port are determined using the

          marimba.tuner.p2p.bcast.addr property value. Example: marimba.tuner.p2p.bcast.addr=



          Bharath M

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            With MESH tuner's basically sends out broadcast message to the rest of the tuners in the subnet to see if they have the channel / files .. if they do then the tuner would get the files from the other tuner. The logs would have information on which tuners it contacted.. post some logs maybe something is going wrong in there

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              You need the following properties.



              marimba.tuner.p2p.bcast.addr=broadcastaddress:UDP port



              You also need the content or package on the LAN from one endpoint.  The way to test mesh would be push some on that subnet on one endpoint and policy on 2 others.  That will show you if mesh is working.


              P.278  CMS Guide.  I tested in my lab.  It works fine.

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                Thanks guys,


                I have configured as mentioned in two machines on same subnet. Subscribed a channel to both machines and content was downloaded from transmitter to one of these machines. We had been waiting for two days checking if this is working, but it didn't.

                Below is the configuration made:




                Meanwhile checking the tuner logs, I found out the following error message:

                #REQUEST: Resetting peer and Tx group info before initiating update request

                #Detecting all local IP addresses for bandwidth exclusion.

                #Local IP addresses for bandwidth exclusion:



                #In MESH, but not a GETFILES request, not going to peer.

                #PROTOCOL_13: Not going to any peers!

                #Detecting all local IP addresses for bandwidth exclusion.

                #Local IP addresses for bandwidth exclusion:



                #Setting proxy bypass to false initially.

                #Creating HTTP request WITHOUT bypassing proxy.


                Expecting your help for resolution