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    Patch language with code 0809 not found

    DC Kidson

      Good Day All


      We get the above error when we try and live browse hotfixes.


      I ve gone through the basic checks and Knowledge articles that have similar Patch language errors with no real success.( starting required services etc )

      App server and rscd  version :

      I ve updated the shavlik xml \ cab with the latest ones and updated patch catalogue with no real success.


      Ive attached a fresh trace just after you try and browse the hotfixes.


      Only clear error i see are the Patch Test "Reg failed Reason" missing reg key entrys.


      Anybody have any ideas i can try to resolve this?




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          Steffen Kreis



          one of the KB articles says:

               " To resolve this issue, the appserver restart has helped in the past."



          Sounds weird, but maybe it is worth to give this a try, or have you already done that ?



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            DC Kidson

            Thanks I will give this a go!

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              Yanick Girouard

              If this doesn't work, I would try to run a manual scan using BLPatchCheck2.exe directly on the server over NSH. If that works and generate a XML result successfully, you know the issue is not the Shavlik Analyzer, but rather the import of the metadata in BSA, which would have to be looked at more in depth by BMC.


              To run BLPatchCheck2.exe manually, follow these steps


              1. Download the latest hf xml file from Shavlik (check the Global Patch Configuration setting for the URL)

              2. Copy the file to the target in the agent's sbin directory. You can find it quickly in NSH like this: echo $(agentpath target)/sbin

              3. Cd to the sbin directory: cd "//target$(agentpath target)/sbin"

              4. Execute BLPatchCheck2 like so (making sure to put double backslashes for the dos path): nexec -e "C:\\Path_To_Sbin_Directory\\BLPatchCheck2.exe" 0 -pt 1 -s hf_file_name.xml results.xml

              i.e. nexec -e "C:\\Program Files\\BMC Software\\BladeLogic\\8.0\\RSCD\\sbin\\BLPatchCheck2.exe" 0 -s hfnetchk6b.xml results.xml

              5. When done (if it completes), download the resuls.xml file and open it in Excel as an XML table (it will prompt you for it).


              If you can get there, that means the analyzer was able to complete successfully. The issue would therefore be that BSA is unable to parse some of the data that is returned, either because it's unexpected or for another reason.

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                DC Kidson

                HI Thanks


                Ive restarted the App server with no differnce.


                Ive ran the Blcheck localy and it completes fine with no issues.


                The logs indicate some versioning and missing kb's it might be a scenario where indeed the resulting data cannot be parsed by bsa.

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                  Yanick Girouard

                  Just fyi, the Trace.txt will show lines that may seem like error, but it's only indicating that some of the checks to determine if a patch is installed failed, which means the patch is missing. It's normal log output and not an actual analyzer error. I suggest opening an incident ticket with BMC Support and have them investigate further in this case, and make sure to provide them with the evidence you just gathered with the manual patch analysis. You could also open the results.xml file in Excel as I suggested and eyeball it to see if something obvious comes out such as wierd control characters or something similar. Some of the data in the this file comes from the Windows registry of the server you are scanning, and is simply extracted to that xml file, so it may be a special case only with certain servers.

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                    Ben Vassie

                    I have tried this and a manual patch analysis works fine


                    Any other ideas?

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                      Attachment Scanner

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