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    BDSDA - SAP BO with Oracle



      The BDSDA installation process lists SQLServer as a recommended database for SAP BO.




      However the BDSDA reports application server utilizes Oracle.


      At the time of installing SAP BO , oracle is listed as a supported option.


      A customer does not want to provision an SQL server and Oracle Database for the same application and wants to only use Oracle.


      Now since SAP BO installer lists oracle as a supported option , is there a reason why BMC recommends SQL server or is this merely a recommendation and oracle with SAP BO is fine.


      Does anyone use SAP BO with oracle as part of BDSDA  ?


      Is SAP BO configured with Oracle not supported with BDSDA ?



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          Sathish Kanth Swarna



          SAP BO supports a list of database type (Please refer SAP BO doc for the list of support db's), but the default it uses is SQL Server. BDSDA docs specify the same. BDSDA recommended it since SQL Server is used as the default database for SAP BO.


          However you can still install SAP BO to use Oracle or any other database. All is that you need to create seperate schema for CMS and Audit and point them during SAP BO Installation.


          I had a chance to set this approach in-house and it works.