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    WebEx demo on the BMC Impact Database reporting utility

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      This field-developed GUI-based utility requires the BMC Impact Database Gateway product (DBGW) and delivers a selection of canned reports relevant to IT organizations. In defining reports, you can

      - Control reporting criteria (down to the class or multi-slot value level)
      - Specific pre-set or date range selections
      - Rename slot labels for more meaningful report output
      - Schedule or run ad hoc reports
      - Save versions of previously run reports
      - Copy report data via Excel tables for graphing

      Requirements for using this tool include:
      - BMC Impact Database Gateway version 3.2 or higher running against Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases only (The DBGW is a product option to the BMC EM and BMC SIM starter pack solutions). The utility does not support Sybase or UDB DBGW instances.
      - Utility Server Configuration

      o Windows Server 2000 SP2 and Above
      o IIS V5
      o Browser IE 5.0 and above