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    WebEx demo on the BMC Impact Manager administration utility

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      This GUI-based utility can be used to centrally manage any BMC Impact Manager (BIM) or BMC Impact Explorer Server (IXS) instances in a BMC Impact solutions environment.

      From a single centralized location, this administration tool can be used to:

      - Start, stop, pause and reload IM and IXS instances
      - Edit and version control associated IM and IXS configuration files
      - Generate test events

      The utility also provides the ability to view audit logs of administration activities performed while using the tool or diagnostic messages for functions that encounter an error.

      Requirements for using this tool include a web server configuration of:
      - Windows Server 2000 SP2 and above
      - IIS V5
      - Browser IE 5.0 and above

      Current limitations of this tool are:
      - Only supports IM and IXS at version 3.5
      - Does not provide support for AIX or HP-UX, although support for these platforms is targeted