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    Issue in Creating BLPackage from Snapshot (Server View) in  BSA

      Hi Friends,


      I am trying to take a snapshot of a folder in a Unix Machine  and convert it into BLPackage


      Following are the steps which I have try :


      1) Navigated to the FileSystem:/Folder/TargetFolder


      2) Right Clicked on the Target folder -->  Selected Snapshot  which takes me to 7 Step New snapshot job creation.

      once completed I get a Snapshot Job Created.


      3)Right clicked on the Snapshot Job --> Show results -->


      4)  Navigated to  'Sever View' . Right clicked on Snapshot of the folder --> selected "Add to Depot as BlPackage"

      A 5 step Wizard opened  ,  which has  "Create Package from Snapshots" as the default option checked. 


      when it tries  to do the BLpackage with the above option it gives a warning for each and every file as below


      Warning    Jan 21, 2014 11:16:15 PM    Unable to package file contents for '/apps/weblogic/xxx/applications/yyyyy/xsdlib.jar'


      Note : I have attached the screenshots of steps which i try in BSA


      Kindly give in your inputs to overcome this issue.