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    Concern about something it says in the guide for moving a single workspace

    Robert Accardi
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      I am reading through the "Moving a FootPrints Workspace Configuration from One Server to Another" (FPSC v11.1.x version) and am wondering about what it says in step 8.c:

      If the option was chosen to link to an already existing address book when the new

      workspace was created on Server B (step 3e above), delete the following file:




      If I understand correctly, if the workspace I'm copying is going to re-use an existing address book then I have to delete the file that describes all the form designer configuration. That's a lot of configuration to lose. Can anyone explain why it is necessary to delete the file? Would could potentially go wrong if I don't?




      Rob Accardi
      RightStar Systems



      P.S. I'm considering following this guide for FPSC v11.6R11. The guide says it applies to FPSC v11.1.x but is it still the recommended method for moving a single workspace in versions that came after 11.1.x?