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    TMART generated MC_UEID too long

      We are using a TMART BIM Essential to deliver events to ProactiveNet then using IBRSD to deliver the event to Remedy 7.5 for Incident creation.

      we are running into an issue where allowing the default rules to be generated, creates crazy long MC_UEID in ProactiveNet, and then blows up the integration to remedy since it's longer than the field  (255 chars)

      the default behavior is for TMART to use:

      project name, rule name, condition expression, and UTC time

      and example in our case:


      mc_ueid='@@@PRD Business-Intelligence-Platform Availability@@@Default rule (Business-Intelligence-Platform_URL Availability_PRD_MyReports)@@@(Availability (Business-Intelligence-Platform_URL Availability_PRD_MyReports)) OR (Accuracy (Business-Intelligence-Platform_URL Availability_PRD_MyReports))@@@1389907200';


      That's an MC_UEID of 301 chars!!


      have others run into this? what naming standards do you use for Monitor vs. Rule vs. Condition?

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          Matt Laurenceau

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            We are experience the same issue in one of our customers. The only configuration I found was how to change the separator by changing the value of ARTUEIDSeparator, by default @@@, in the ARTEvent.conf. But it does not help much, because the mc_ueid is still too long. Find below one exemple in our environment:


            CEM@@@@@@SIM_SIEBEL@@@SIM_MKTCAMP_MAIN@@@(Availability (SIM_MKTCAMP_MAIN)) OR (Accuracy (SIM_MKTCAMP_MAIN)) OR (Performance (SIM_MKTCAMP_MAIN)) OR (SIM_MKTCAMP_MAIN)@@@1394830800


            Did you find a way to change the value of mc_ueid to a small string? Please, let me know if you figured out how to do it. I'm considering raising a ticket to BMC support.



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              Here is a possibility. You could report all accuracy errors as
              availability errors and then have your rules just look at availability and then
              the text of MC_UEID might be shortened because it would not contain any text
              about accuracy.


              To report accuracy errors as availability errors go to the monitor
              configuration screen in Central/Configuration/MonitorName/ Configure Monitor
              - Define Monitor Settings
              / Error
              Reporting Options
              and select Report
              all errors as availability errors
              instead of Report availability and accuracy separately.


              Now you are asking yourself if it is ok to report accuracy errors
              as availability errors. I think so. Usually that is ok.  See these two
              articles for more details: