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    Unable to export DeployJob logs

    Rajeev Gupta



      I am creating a DeployJob using NSH and that ran successfully. Now, when I try to export the logs to the App server, I am unable to do so.

      #For reference

      blcli_execute DeployJob createSoftwareDeployJob "${SHORT_DEPLOY_JOB_NAME}" $GROUP_ID $SOFTWARE_KEY $SOFTWARE_TYPE $TARGET_SERVER $DEPLOY_OPTS > /dev/null && blcli_storeenv DEPLOY_JOB_KEY


      blcli_execute DeployJob executeJobAndWait $DEPLOY_JOB_KEY > /dev/null && blcli_storeenv DEPLOY_JOB_RUN_KEY



      blcli_execute JobRun jobRunKeyToJobRunId $DEPLOY_JOB_RUN_KEY  > /dev/null && blcli_storeenv DEPLOY_JOB_RUN_ID

      [[ $DEBUG = "true" ]] && echo "Submit Debug: DEPLOY_JOB_RUN_ID:" $DEPLOY_JOB_RUN_ID


      #==========Creating the CSV File==========


        touch $LOG_LOC/bldeploy-${DEPLOY_JOB_NAME}/JOB_RESULTS-bldeploy-${DEPLOY_JOB_NAME}.csv

        echo "CSV file creation success"




        chmod 777 $LOG_LOC/bldeploy-${DEPLOY_JOB_NAME}/JOB_RESULTS-bldeploy-${DEPLOY_JOB_NAME}.csv

        echo ${LOG_LOC}


      #==========Exporting Log====================


        blcli_execute Utility exportDeployRun ${JOB_FOLDER} ${SHORT_DEPLOY_JOB_NAME} ${DEPLOY_JOB_RUN_ID} $LOG_LOC/bldeploy-${DEPLOY_JOB_NAME}/JOB_RESULTS-bldeploy-${DEPLOY_JOB_NAME}.csv

        echo "Export Log Successful"



      Now, when I am trying to Export the file, it says, "No such file found"

      Running it using BLAdmin from NSH script from a remote server.