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    Agent functionality issue - bldeploy.exe / blcoserver.exe

      I've submitted this as a support call but thought I'd post here too in-case anyone happens to know of a solution or useful suggestion...


      Hello, This issue is regarding a deployment of the RSCD agent (v8.2 SP4) on a Windows 2008 R2 (Datacenter) server.



      There are 2 problems with this deployment, one is that update remediation fails. This will be described in the following paragraph. The other issue which appears to have the same root cause is that after the vCenter component installed against the server in-question it is unable to be browsed. This is as blcoserver.exe cannot start for the same reason as is described below, MSVCR90.dll cannot be found (as the initial reported error). The dependencies are also the same as described below regarding bldeploy.exe for blcoserver.exe.



      The analysis and creation of the remediation package/job work fine but when running the created remediation job that contains the patches cited from the analysis, that is what is failing. The reason for this is that bldeploy.exe (which runs as a 64-bit application) cannot start. Through manual invocation (from RSCD folder) in a command prompt with nothing listenting for a PID, the behaviour on working installation is that a usage output is returned. On this problem installation a prompt is given that the system cannot find MSVCR90.dll (Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2008). Using Dependency Walker to analyse bldeploy.exe the only MSVCR dlls that are cited as dependencies are from Visual C++ Runtime 2005 (MSVCR80.dll). However, I cannot see how this dependency for MSVCR90.dll rather than MSVCR80.dll has arisen. This is from examining registry entries and Windows side-by-side manifests. On this server the vanilla Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable package is installed as are 2 versions of the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable (each version has the x64 and x86 varient installed). The versions are 9.0.30729.4148 and 9.0.30729.6161. The role of the server in-question is to act as a vCenter server and there are various packages installed. Though there are also instances of build 4940 (x64 and x86) of the same version in the side-by-side folder and also an x86 version of 9.0.21022.8 in the side-by-side folder.



      Although not recommended practice, as no issue could be found with the Windows side-by-side configuration and the issue was not resolved through a repair of Visual C++ Runtime 2008 (using the vanilla SP1 installer) I have tried dropping the various versions of the Visual C++ Runtime 2008 dlls from each of the side-by-side instances into the RSCD folder (initallt x64 but also with x86) to override side-by-side. The resultant effect was uniform in that a Visual C++ Runtime error would be given in-place of the cannot find MSVCR90.dll message box, this is with the x64 variants. With the x86 variants (done out of desparation!) there was simply a 0x0000007b error given in the message box in-place of the original cannot find MSVCR90.dll message box).



      I also investigated what versions of MSVCR90.dll existed on both a working server (RSCD-wise) and a clean install with just RSCD installed. Though versions were present copying these versions to the RSCD folder also gave the same results as described in the paragraph above. It is work noting that along with MSVCR90.dll MSVCP90.dll and MSVCM90.dll were also copied along with MSVCR90.dll in-case of dependencies between these which I believe can be common.



      There are no bldeploy or blcoserver logs created as the applications are unable to start. The RSCD log in debug form shows the command for bldeploy being built and started, then a number of messages about waiting for PID which for the above decsribed reason/s never happens and then the job times-out and fails.



      Fresh installation of the agent (with a reboot in-between) was also initiall attempted) but this had no positive effect. The versions of the agent that have been used are both and Usage of the later build also had no positive effect on the situation. To clarify this is the 8.2 SP4 x64 RSCD agent that is being used/referred to here.



      This is the first time that I have seen this error and we current have about 3000 RSCD installations on various OSes/variants including a number of other vCenter servers that have not had this/these issues.



      This means that we are unable to patch/manage this server as intended using BSA until this issue is resolved.