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    is it possible to use "Copy to Agent at Staging" without going through NSH Proxy

    Steffen Kreis



      at the moment we always manage two sets of Windows Patch-Catalogs, one is set to "Copy to Agent at Staging" and the other one is set the "Agent Mounts Source".


      We sync that Patch-Repository to our Data-Centers around the globe and use target-based properties to specify the address for the Agent-Mount source, so that every Agent mounts the Patch-Payload from it's nearest source.


      Unfortunately there are a lot of Use-Cases as well were Agent-Mount is not possible (firewalled-servers, DMZ.....) and we have to use the Copy-To-Agent-At Staging method for those.


      Ideally, i would like to only use and maintain an Agent-Copy catalog, but also with target-based properties, so that the Payload can be copied to each target from it's nearest Repo.


      Is there any possibility to achieve this, without going through the NSH-Proxies that we use back on our central App-Server farm ?

      As of now, if i would like to copy from a server e.g. in Singapore to a RSCD target in Singapore, the Payload would be transferred through our App-Servers back in CentralEurope.