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    Put flexibility in a Service Target

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      I'm looking if the following can be implemented using BMC SLM.


      People have flexible workdays.

      They can perform there 8 hours of work within the 8-17h30 timeframe.


      So although a workday covers 9:30, it should only count for 8


      Does anyone see a possibility to implement this?


      Best Regards


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          I work in an environment that has flexible working as well. Our service desk is open from 8:00 to 17:30, with people working their standard 7.5 hour day either starting early and finishing early, or starting late and working late.


          We took the approach with SLM that as long as the service is covered, then it should count for the SLA target.


          As such, we've defined business hours that have availability from 8:00 to 17:30. Anything outside this counts as unavailability for SLM and stops the clock.


          If you wanted to set a standard availability of 8 hours per day, then you could adjust the business hours to reflect that window - as far as I know, it doesn't affect anything other than the SLA clock.

          It would however be a fudge to giving better SLA target meeting........


          If you wanted to do it by a person, then I don't think thats possible.

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            I agree with you Mark.


            Indeed, I also think that the SLA, as its name says, should be “Service” minded.

            And as the service is to be provided from 8h to 17h30, it’s those hours that should count, regardless of when the user stops/starts working.

            We might be so gentle to give him an unavailable time segment for lunch, but that’s all.


            I’ll try and get it pushed through ☺


            Thanks and best regards


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              I don't think you can do availability for a single person. It would probably have to be the entire service that goes unavailable for a lunch period.

              There is an option within support group to define working hours, but I don't know if that affects SLA or not.


              A good arguement would be that if a team only has 1 person, and they consistently fail SLA due to resource issues, then they have a good case for a second person to be trained and able to cover the team for the other hours that they aren't available.

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                Well, you attach the Time Segments to the SLA

                And whether an SLA is attached to a ticket or not depends on the qualification you have set up.

                So you can imagine almost anything (service, catop, catprod, …)


                Two problems only ☺


                -          When you have a lot of possibilities, you will have a lot of SLAs


                -          SLA (SVT) qualification is field length is rather limited and you will bounce to its boundaries one day or another, leading once more to more SLAs because you’ll have to cut them in x


                On the other hand, this is a perfect way for setting up international SLAs