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    Update BlPackage Property of type Encrypted String


      does anybody know if it possible to update a local property of a BLPackage of type 'Encrypted String' out of the NSH?

      The package is forseen to update a local users password on several servers and current approach is:

      - export the user to BLPackage

      -create a new local property in the package

      and idea now is on nsh create a random password, store it in the encrypted property and via deploy job reset the password to not have it cleartext in the package.


      Simply setting the property via

           blcli_execute BlPackage setLocalParameterDefaultValue

      seems only to work for simple strings, for encrypted string properties it´s giving an error.

      In advance encrypting the string via

           blenc -e BLencrypt:$PASSWORD

      works, the string is encrypted and as well applied to the property but the newly set password does not work.


      Any idea would be greatly appreciated!


      Thx and regards