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    Decommissioning a Server



      Is it necessary to remove the server license from the bladelogic site after decommissioning a server?

      When we remove a license from the site , do we still possess the license so that we can add more server in the console OR before adding we again have to generate the license?

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          Bill Robinson

          for 8.2+ we don't track the license usage on the portal site.  support will ask you for the output of a blcli command to determine license usage that is based on what is registered in the bsa database.


          for < 8.2 - yes - you need to reclaim the license when you decomission the server - i believe 8.0 and 8.1 have an option to deregister the server during decomissioning in the gui.


          you still have the license in this case, it's back in the pool to be used for another server.  when the license is associated w/ a server it counts as in use.

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            i have 8.0 App server. So that means I should decommission a server from the console and then deregister the license from the site.


            And again if I need to add more servers to console I need to generate license?

            Please let me know the proper process.



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              I have worked on 8.0 long before, what I remember is -

              While decommission server from GUI there is check box which will allow you to remove license as well. As Bill has explained, License will be back in pool to be used for another server.

              While adding more servers, once you install RSCD you can gain license using autolic command.




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                Bill Robinson

                Well, in 8.0 and 8.1 when you register a server there is a checkbox to register the license as well..


                If you have purchased 10 licenses, then register 5 servers, you can then register 5 more before you are out of licenses.  If you decommission and deregister 1 of the original 5 you registered you would then have 6 available licenses to register to new servers before you run out.