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    Diagnostic Tool results

    Eduardo Chapa
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      Is there a guideline about all the Diagnostic Tool tests and results, and how to fix the errors reported?


      I recently ran a diagnostic on a few relays and a client, and all of them reported the following "SMB Discovery" test error:



      I can see there is a "Solution" column but it's not very helpful in this case.


      The Diagnostic Tool Manual doesn't seem to cover the test results in detail so I'm looking for a reference.




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          Julien Devienne



          I wasn't able to find this in the documentation either. Is there a documentation i havn't found that lists the error codes and their meanings Susanne Ertle?


          Is this device a linux device Eduardo? I suppose that this error message says it cannot find the agent's service in /etc/init.d but i'm unsure.


          Have a good day

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            There is a chapter on the general error codes of FootPrints Asset Core in the Parameter Reference. The Solution entries of the Diagnostics Tool were deemed explicatory enough not to require documentation and/or translation.


            If you think a reference necessary for the possible solutions please add a request to the Ideas.


            best regards


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              Eduardo Chapa

              It was actually a Windows 7 relay, and it definitely had the agent installed so the "verify the agent is running and correctly installed"  fix suggestion didn't really help fixing/troubleshooting that SMB test. That's why I wanted more explanation as to what was actually tested, to see how to fix it.


              It's been a while since I tried this the first time so I'll have to check again, we just upgraded to 11.7 and applied the latest Hotfix, maybe the Diagnostics tools are working better.


              Thank you Julien and Susanne,