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    Solaris patching - create repo

      Hi, I have a basic solaris patching question,


      I have a solaris patch repository (Payload source location) that gets updated by the admins, we want to use this repository to patch Sol 10 sparc boxes using Blade.


      With other OS patch catalogs, I usually create a Blade repo out of an existing repository using OS_downloader.sh  -createRepo ...etc

      (Repository location)


      Im not sure how to do this with Solaris, the online docs dont mention creating a repo, so how can I create a bladelogic Repo for Solaris? I tried running the createRepo command using solaris_downloader.sh but I dont think it can execute this command. I dont have much experience patching Solaris boxes, how can I setup my Offline Mode catalog to use an existing repo for patching?




      exammple of existing patch repo