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    File Versioning with BSA

      I am trying to figure out how I can use BladeLogic to keep a record of what was changed in a particular text file, who made the change and when. Using a change tracking job I can get the date of change but do not see much else in the console run log. The email notifications do not list anymore detail either. Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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          Bill Robinson

          that's all bsa is going to be able to tell you - if a file changed and what changed, based on when the snapshot job ran.  you may see the user modified on the file too and the date modified as those file attributes should be updated when the change is made.


          one thing to consider though - if you take a snapshot, then make changes B and C to the file, then another snapshot you only see the aggregate of the two changes and the date modified from C.  if you need realtime monitoring of when the change happens you need something that integrates w/ the OS to send notifications when the change is made. 

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            Thanks for the reply Bill. I set up this as a Configuration File and set the grammar to whole line as a record. Using that it looks like it will do what we need. This file is similar to a Perl script. Am I using the correct grammar to parse or is there one you recommend?

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              Disregard I was mistaken. thanks again