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    Creating an extended object, having issues

    Mark Casey

      Hello all,


      I've been able to get extended objects working in the past, but I'm having issues actually fine tuning it to ONLY show what I need.


      For example, before I wanted to get the server up time.  I created an extended object, using the script:


      net statistics server | findstr "since"


      This would work on the local machine, but when I went to run it as an extended object, it would always choke on the | part.  This is the part that would filter out all the junk and just show me what I needed.  I was able to get it to run by just removing that and showing the whole thing and then running it and just hunting for what I needed.


      Now, I have a new problem before me.  I have a tech who needs a report to show all the server's Active Directory OU's.  We can use the command:


      gpresult /v /scope COMPUTER | find /i "CN=%COMPUTERNAME%"

      Which will only show us the line we need, but again, BSA is choking on the | part of the command.  What am I doing wrong?

      Side question, I would like to then pull all this information from all the servers into a huge report that we can use.  How do I go about doing that?

      Thanks for all your help,