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    Issue in health parameters

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      I have a server to which the basic KMs are loaded, but the health parameters(Health at a glance) are not visible in Administration or operational console even after preloading and reinitializing the agent. But the parameters are visible in developer console.


      Need help regarding the same.

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          Sharad Srivastava

          Hello Harish,


          We need to first verify whether patrol agent is sending particular parameter information up-to proxy level or not then further to Adapter level.


          Could you please verify first upto proxy level by running below proxy query.


          <BPPM Install Path>\pw\pproxy\PNS\bin\pproxcli >> ResultOutput.txt


          /CORE/config/connect -host <host> -port <port> -username <username> -password <password> 


          sample command


          /CORE/config/connect -host localhost -port 3182 -username admin -password admin

          Note:Open the ResultOutput.txt and check the connection status and it should be OK then further run the below queries


          /PATROL/query/getAgentDetails -agent <agent name:port>

          /PATROL/query/getAgentDetails -agent ALL


          /PATROL/query/getMonitorInstanceDetails -agent <agent name:port>


          /PATROL/query/getInstanceData -agent <agent name: portnumber>


          /PATROL/query/getInstanceData -agent <agent name: portnumber> -appl <application name>


          After running the above command and open the file again, verify whether data is showing for the "Health At Glance" and time stamp will be in EPOCH, so convert it to normal date format to verify last collection time.



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            Mohit Pandit

            Can you quickly check if HAAG.km(Health at a glance) is added to preload KM list.

            Also you can login to admin console and verify if HAAG instance is coming on pproxy (adapter) from patrol or not:

            1.    Login to BPPM admin console.

            2.    Select tools -> Configure -> Integration Service.

            3.    Then select the remote agent, where integration service is running and you have patrol connected with.

            4.    Now click next and then select "Configure Integration Service"

            5.    Select patrol agent where HAAG KM related problem persist.

            6.    Right click to this and "Dump Monitored Instances".

            7.    Check this output, if you see HAAG instance.


            This exercise is pretty similar to what Sharad Srivastava suggested but this is using admin GUI.


            Thank you,

            Mohit Pandit

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