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    Inventory snapshots for agents v7.6.x on BSA v8.2 environment

      We have a fresh installation of BSA 8.2 and we we want to create shapshots of the inventory on agents with version 7.6.x. We have installed the out-of-the-box inventory templates (v8.2) in our environment. The question is how do we get to create snapshots (using inventory templates) for our agents with version 7.6.x installed. Note as well, we do not want to upgrade our agents from 7.6 to 8.2 either. We are aware that the Inventory templates for 7.6 are not installed on a fresh install of BSA 8.2 but the questions are: 1.What can we do in this case in order for us to have an inventory of these machines with our older version of the agents?  2. Can we install the inventory templates version 7.6 in our current environment on top of our fresh environment housing different versions of the inventory templates simultaneously?  3. What is the recommended method of installing these inventory templates and in what sequence of order?  4. Would installing the inventory templates v7.6 first and then installing the inventory templates 8.2 solve the problem? 5. We also want to create reports from BDSSA from snapshots taken from the agents (v 7.6 & 8.2).  6. Are there other procedures to take on the reporting side in order to create inventory reports of the agents previous to version 8.2 ? When we tried to create the snapshot jobs on agents v7.6 using the native inventory templates from v8.2, we got error messages saying that the agent does not have the server objects such "Unix Users" & "Unix Groups", which of course seems normal since the server with agent v7.6 was added to the console after installaing a fresh installation of BSA. Subsequently, we then tried to deploy server configuration objects (v8.2) to these agents but this failed too because it says the objects are not compatible with the agent. How can we provide appproriate support to our customers, whom have different versions of the agents, without having to upgarde the agents each time the infrastructre servers chanages?