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    reading values in a bldeploy job



      I'm used to setting up bl-deploy jobs and using setOverriddenPropertyValue to assign values to properties in the job.

      Now i need to use blcli to read those values.

      Searching around the forums here I found mention of "getFullResolvedPropertyValue".  I've tried it out but can't get anything useful out of it.

      in the docs I see the example of "blcli Job getFullyResolvedPropertyValue "DEPLOY_JOB" /tstJobGroup testJob JOB_PROP.SUB_PROP"


      I'm trying

      /data/bladelogic/bin/blcli Job getFullyResolvedPropertyValue "DEPLOY_JOB" "/Jobs/Misc Jobs" "Verify Stuff" "my_propertyname"

      but get

      Property 'my_propertyname' does not exist for objects of type 'Deploy Job'

      Interestingly I've tried this for jobs of type DEPLOY_JOB and NSH_SCRIPT_JOB and get the same result... somehow the properties in the job aren't being found.  If I purposely misspell the job path, or job name , then those are caught correctly as not found.


      The caveat to all of this is we are _still_ using 7.6 (we recently just retired 7.4 so that's progress!)