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    ADDM Access

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      Multiple datacenters in our organization are moving.  We have a very large project to go out and collect physical inventory.  We have a couple of other ADDM Engineers that are responsible for discovering the assets using ADDM.  I am not responsible for discovering the assets in ADDM.  However we need to do a physical inventory and get this loaded into ADDM.  To build the physical inventory, we need to see the dependency relationships, run reports, customize reports, check discovery error logs, analyze the subnets being discovered, and I am sure alot of other tasks.  Possibly assist with figuring out the relationships between the assets so extensive analysis needs to be done.  To get the job done, I think we need Admin access to the server (it's ok - I used to build ADDM).   The company was considering giving me "read only." access.  I've always had Admin access and I am not sure all of the limitations I would have with read access. What would my limitations be with read access vs Admin Access?

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          With the help of read access you can only view the inventory related information and generate report(including custom report), not more than that.


          The limitation comes toread only user is to start or stop the discovery, change or add device credentials and many admin related tasks.