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    BL2ATRIUM Installer Mappings and CMDB Integration

      Not sure if this question is better suited to the Bladelogic community but I'll start it here...


      We are attempting to leverage information captured in our
      Bladelogic deployment for use in our new Atrium CMDB but due to a version
      mismatch (we are running an older version of Bladelogic and a newer Atrium CMDB
      8.1), we are unable to use BMC’s BL2ATRIUM tool to help setup the integration. 


      I know the BL2ATRIUM installer creates a new set of views
      and mappings for AIE that link to Classes in the CMDB. We can access the
      BSARA_DW database and all of the tables via Atrium Integrator but there’s a ton
      of data there and it gets very fuzzy as to what is what.


      1. Is there any documentation as to what the BL2ATRIUM
        installer views are using for data elements out of BSARA_DW? If I knew this, I
        could probably recreate the data mappings in AI without too much hassle.
      2. Am I over complicating this? I’m sure we aren’t the
        first company to run into a version mismatch between these two products. Are there other workarounds
        that groups are using?
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          Petrus Johansson

          Patrick Swint

          I realize this post is quite old without any answers (moving it to the BSA area)


          But, you could pick the BL2ATRIUM installer applicable to your BSA version and run the installer with the "utilities only" option. This will simply extract the install files in to the directory of your choice. In the install folder you will then have the SQL scripts to create the tables, views etc that AIE uses to pull the data from BSARA db. These tables and views are pretty much self explaining when you look at them I you should be able to use these in your AI jobs.

          This is not a tested setup. Your best option ofcourse would be to upgrade your BSA environment to a version where the installer is supported.