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    Date field Under Work Info in Change

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      Is there a reason that on hitting enter , in Date field under Work Info tab in Change Management , current date and time do not populate?

      It works in other fields when you hit enter in date field. Not sure why it's designed like that and user need answer to that


      Thanks for your input!

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          Jim Wilson

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            Sidhdesh Punaskar

            Hi Remedy,


            Have you created a custom date field on work info tab?


            I dont see date field on OOTB work detail tab of change form. This is image from 8.1.




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              Saroj Sahu

              Sidhdesh, I think they are having a version <= 7603. i.e. prior to the landing-console framework and UI design.


              I checked on a 7603 box and I found that, when a work-info record is viewed from the CM form, the work-info details dialog has a date field (this does not exist on the view presented while creating a work info record because this field is defaulted to system-date-time value) and hitting ENTER does not work here.


              Further I found that, the workflow that fills this field is checking if the field is already NULL and it fills it with system-date-time only if NULL. However, in general, across applications, hitting ENTER sets a date field to the current-date-time irrespective of whether a value is already there or not.


              So I would consider this as a defect candidate though NOT a HIGH impact one.


              Easy Work-around:

              1. In the work-info edit dialog, go to the Date field and clear it and than HIT ENTER. It will set the Date field to the current-date-time value.

              2. Or else the below workflow modification may be done (should be considered as customization)

                   Active link: CHG:CWL:Date_100_AutoFillDate

                   RunIf: ('Work Log Date' = $NULL$) AND (('Secure Work Log' != "Yes") OR ('z1D Action' = "NEW"))

                   - Remove the "('Work Log Date' = $NULL$) AND" clause from the RunIf and it should work as per the requirement.


              Let know if this helped.