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    Multiple BSAs Controlling One vCenter

      We would like to have a DR solution. If BSA goes down in datacenter 1, a second BSA in another datacenter (datacenter 2) could manage the vCenter located in the original datacenter 1. The main thing we need is the ability to provision VMs.


      Is it possible to have...


      BSA1 (Datacenter 1)              BSA2 (Datacenter 2)

                           \                                   /

                               \                             /

                                 \                         /

                                   \                     /

                              vCenter 1 (Datacenter 1)


      On the flip side, a single BSA can manage multiple vCenters, right?

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          Daniel Tharby

          Hi Asha,


          The issue you may run into will revolve around Distributing Configuration Objects.


          Theoretically, as long as each BSA is exactly the same version and CO's then you should be ok.


          In this scenario, I have to ask why you only have 1 vCenter Server - it would be better to have 2 vCenter Servers and the BSA environments in each connect to that vCenter Server.


          Whether then both vCenter servers can manage the same underlying infrastructure I cannot say (not an expert here).






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            If BSA fails in Datacenter 1, the vCenter in Datacenter 1 may still be operational, so the BSA in Datacenter 2 may still need to access that vCenter to perform its tasks.

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              Daniel Tharby

              So you are looking for a HA capable solution.

              Then I would not recommend separate BSA installations

              Instead place BSA App Servers  in both DC's but using the same Database

              Make sure that your DB is in a HA setup as well, configure BSA to use the Virtual DB Name so that if the DB fails then you have continuous service.


              Read - http://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/bsa83/High+availability+and+disaster+recovery - for more information and guidance



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                Sean Berry

                To clarify here: do -not- run two BSA instances in two different data centers pointing to the same DB instance.  Running BSA app servers in one data center, pointed at a database in another data center is not supported, and not a good idea.  Instead, set up your primary BSA instance and DB in one data center, and your backup instance and DB in the other data center.  As Daniel points out, the HA & DR documentation covers this in more detail.  Please ask follow up questions if any of it is unclear.

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                  Thanks for the response.... When you say "BSA instance"... Do you mean one BSA app server in datacenter 1 and an app server in datacenter 2 - OR - Two completely unrelated to each other (as in they are unaware of each other) BSA installations?



                  I did read some BSA documentation that mentioned DB mirroring so I thought that one DB could be in one datacenter and one DB in the other datacenter... I guess you are saying that each BSA would still point to the DB in its own datacenter and the mirroring is there just so the data is the same?


                  Last... which was my main question... would you say that it is okay to have two different BSA installations pointed at the same vCenter?

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                    Bill Robinson

                    we don't support running bsa applications servers across a wan from the database.  for a passive DR environment you might have your database and file server mirrored to another physical location, and applications servers in that environment that are offline.


                    there is no way to have mirrored bsa installs that are both active.


                    you can have a single bsa instance manage multiple vcenters.


                    i'm not sure if we have tested having multiple bsa installs talk to the same vsphere/vcenter box - at minimum the versions of bsa would have to be the exact same.  will have to investigate this.

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                      I have had multiple BSA's talking to a single vCenter in a few different customers. Officially, it is not supported, but it does work. The BSA's do have to be the same version. You should only have one BSA environment actively "managing" a vCenter. In my case, the customers wanted to have a development BSA instance to test VGP's against their sole vCenter installation, so the Production and Dev BSA pointed to the same VC.

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