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    BSA vCenter Connection Resets

    Benjamin Hawkins



      I'm having issues with a few of our vCenters when connecting in via BSA.


      We're getting a Connection Reset error when browsing through the vCenter object. The Object will throw this error message once we start browsing every 30 seconds to a few minutes.



      The logs are showing the following when the error occurs:


      1487dc0be5e1be515b4f 0000000039 12/05/13 11:17:49.528 WARN     rscd -  RDGVCPR01 20924 BladeLogicRSCD (Not_available): (Not_available): [RPC] Session data ID: e1b26e27-6ece-4c54-af4e-4ca9bbfed6f6 was not availible. Data ID was invalid.


      2ec8832a332367e16a0b 0000000254 12/05/13 11:17:49.949 INFO     rscd -  RDGVCPR01 16208 BladeLogicRSCD (Not_available): (Not_available): Releasing read lock for 'C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic\RSCD\\IPC\autoTerminatesvc.bsa_BMC_VMware_VirtualInfrastructureManager_win6413324.lck'.


        6433b16776560743752f 0000000255 12/05/13 11:17:54.209 WARN     rscd - 13732 SYSTEM (Not_available): (Not_available): session_thread: caught exception. Command did not complete.


      I've checked:


      RSCD Agent Install 8.3.2 reinstall

      Connection Properties have been reset

      Configuration Object has been removed and the distributed


      Has anyone seen this before or have any ideas on what's causing it. We're running BSA 8.3 SP2 and vCenter versions are 5.1.x