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    NSH Terminates after 5 mins, but BSA Jobs complete successfully.

      Hi, new BSA user (only a few weeks), so I will apologize for the newbie mistakes. 


      We have some jobs that a long(er) time to execute on a remote host.


      I created a sample NSH script (attached) with commentary that calls a Job, and that job just executes a script and sleeps on a remote host for 6 mins.


      However, the NSH terminates after 5 mins with exit code 269: (actual command is blcli_execute NSHScriptJob executeJobAndWait ...). Interestingly the actual Job in BSA (and the remote host) completes successfully in 6 mins (JOB_TIMEOUT = 0 / unlimited).  It's only the NSH script that terminates.


      I did replace the 'blcli_execute' with a sleep, just to ensure it was not NSH/ZSH shell related, but I don't think it is:  That worked successfully.


      We do have an open case with BMC, and if I get a response/resolution I will post that as well.


      Any help is appreciated, and I will be glad to post additional information as needed.



      Jesse Duke


      Details:  Server Linux 2.6.32-279.19.1.el6.x86_64