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    Job results inaccurate

    Don Kim

      I have a ticket in with support but wondering if anyone seen this before and can provide some input. From the console, I have numerous jobs of all types (deploy, software package, blpackage, etc) that exhibit this behavior on all targets. The job results display success and the logs shows 2 lines:

      1. Job has started

      2. Job has completed successfully.


      However, the target IP/Hostname is missing. When I check the target, nothing has been deployed or executed nor is the payload in the deployed/installed dir despite the presence of a green check. I like to see green checks much as any BL user, but the appserver logs have no activity during these jobs runs even when tailing the log and manually running the job. Lastly, deploy status where one would normally see phases such as stage and commit is empty. DB maintenance was being performed when I was attempting to investigate transaction logs on the targets so I was and still am unable to view.


      This was discovered recently but can be tracked down to a week or so back explaining why I was unable to validate jobs executed on the targets. Screenshot Attached.