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    Can't Email from blcli

    Shirish Pednekar

      Hello Experts,


      I added the email config from Config Wizard ....success

      From console I set it to notify me .......success

      Tried sending email from blcli .....FAILED :-(


      The blasadmin identifies the config., but  the "Email" utility doesn't.


      % blasadmin show EmailConfig all

      To change future application servers, blasadmin must be run against the _template deployment. Please refer to the chapter 'Configuring the Application Server' in the Administration Guide for further information.


      blasadmin now running against deployment: default









      % blcli -v defaultProfile Email sendMailWithAttachment abc@email.com sj@company.com "test" "hello" "." "abc.txt"

      Command execution failed.  You must enter an SMTP relay using the blasadmin tool  on the application server before sending email.


      Please suggest.