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    bljython & json

      Hi !


      I'm using blcli (on linux) to automate deployments with BLADELOGIC 8.2.

      I've written a Python interface to use the APIs.


      I've got a little problem. The bljython provided with BLADELOGIC 8.2 is a jython 2.5.3 which not contains the json module.


      As I want to use json to format scripts parameters from a jenkins server, I have to update the bljython with a 2.7 jython version.

      What is the best way to do this ?




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          Pb solved...


          I've needed to remind myself how i've set up the blcli and in fact, the jython version used by bljython is the one i've deployed myself.


          Thus, i have just to deploy and set (jython_home & jython_path) a newer version (2.7 beta) which contains the json module.

          And it works...


          Thanks !