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    "login not allowed for user" error thrown after server reboot


      We have noticed this error "login not allowed for user" error popping up after the servers are rebooted from bladelogic.

      The servers are working fine initially and we are able to patch them.. once the servers are back online after patching is completed, we see this error while pushing ACL's on them.


      We have user mapping done as below.

      LOCALBLADELOGIC is the local user- pat of administrators group.


      exports  file:


      * rw,user = LOCALBLADELOGIC




      BLAdmins:* rw,map=LOCALBLADELOGIC

      WindowsAdmins:* rw,map=LOCALBLADELOGIC


      I have checked the group policy settings for "deny log on as batch job-(does not have administrators group or LOCALBLADELOGIC user )" and "logon as batch job (enabled for users LOCALBLADELOGIC, BladeLogicRSCD,Administrators)" properties.


      Can someone explain why the above happens and what is the solution for this issue?