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    SDE - 10.2 - CSBR - Force staff to put comment on changing urgency

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      Hi everyone

      I'm trying to figure out how to set a role to force help desk analyst to put a comment if he changed the urgency

      here is what I think it should be done


      Client Side Business Rule on the incident module that display a message on save of the form saying, Please insert comment for changing the urgency


      The conditions for this rule is what is confusing me , OR confusing SDE expression builder


      The conditions (on my opinion) are

      1- CUR, Urgency ID is not null AND

      2- (TR. Urgency ID <> Cur.Urgency ID AND (TR.Comment is null, OR TR.Comment = Cur.Comment))


      so condition #1 is a must so the rule does not run on create new incidents/

      and condition #2 is having 2 sub-conditions to choose from

      anyone here can help me to create these conditions in SDE expression builder?

      Thank you in advance