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    Assignment Rules

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      For assignment rules based on "Site", I want to pass Operational and Product Category value while creating the Incident.


      Is it possible? please advice...

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          I'm not sure to understand what you mean. Can you explain with more detail?
          Assignment Rules will defined your support group.

          If I well understand, you based them in Site. Do you mean you want to use too Operational and Product? If so, yes you can

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            Carl Wilson


            if you are after pre-populating the Operational and Product categorisations, you can look at the "Template" functionality available for populating a number of fields.


            As Allan has mentioned, Assignment to a Group/Individual can be assed based on existing selected Categorisations but Assignment cannot set these fields but just use them in an evaluation of where to Assign a request.


            Templates are very useful to provide consistency and help pre-populate information which helps improve Service Desk efficiency.






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              Sorry for the late response.



              In CFG:Assignment form, I am having rules based on "Site"


              The values  I use for routing are


              Event Name


              Sort Order


              Under Routing Order

              Order 1 - Organization

              Company : xyz


              Order 2 - Location


              Company: XYZ

              Site: "Japan"


              Under Systems Supported:

              I have checked eveyrthing related to Incident Management and defined the support group name.(ex: japan support)


              If the user profile has site "Japan" and if he uses the assignment rule the ticket is correctly routed to "Japan Support"


              My question is, how can I pass Operational and Product category to the ticket.


              So when the user creates a ticket with this assignment rule - the incident should have operational and product values in it.


              I cannot use template for this case, because there is no "Site" field in the template. How to acheive this?

              Pls advice...

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                What you want is a kind of mapping between the site and categorization?

                If so, it's not an OOB behavior.

                Product Categorization is filled in based on the Service defined within the incident and operational is manual

                Why do you want to make this?

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                  Long story short...my management wanted this way. we have almost 300 assignment rules based on Site. so when a ticket is created by using these rules the categorization values are blank. Our management has come up with a generic category and they wanted those values to be captured while creating a ticket using assignment rules.pls advice...

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                    Sanjeev Kumar S

                    I have the similar requirement for Incident routing, is it something feasible with 9.1 version?