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    Rollback (undo) of deploy job is not working. failing with -4001


      I've deployed the job into the target server without any issues. However rollback is failing with -4001 error. The last file in the Bl Package is Web.UT.Full.config. Roll back is failing with the below error. I am attaching transaction log.


      11/25/13 18:08:18.808 ERROR    bldeploy - [411][e:/apps/ukdi/quoteandbuy/Home/Web.UT.Full.config] FileAdd: Encountered an already pending rollback e:/apps/ukdi/quoteandbuy/Home/Web.UT.Full.config.

      11/25/13 18:08:18.823 ERROR    bldeploy - [411][e:/apps/ukdi/quoteandbuy/Home/Web.UT.Full.config] Apply undo failed

      11/25/13 18:08:18.823 DEBUG    bldeploy - [411][e:/apps/ukdi/quoteandbuy/Home/Web.UT.Full.config] Undo failed -processing sub-list: id = 411