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    SRM: Is it possible to have a "Level" approval being followed by an "Ad Hoc" approval?

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      Is it possible to have an approval chain for which the first process is of type "Level" and the second process is of type "Ad Hoc"?

      Is I understand, both processus cannot be activated at the same time?


      I need to set up a mechanisme in which the Service Desk first approves, and then somebody specific needs to do an extra approval before the request is really, fully, approved and the backoffice tickets can be generated.

      I cannot just use "Level" with two levels of approvals, as I need a service target to be evaluated after the approval by the Service Desk (currently based on a status reason set at approval by the "Level" process).

      If I put two levels of approvers (in the approval mappings form), the status reason field only gets set when the second approval is done, which does not reflect when the approval by Service Desk was done.


      Any ideas?


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