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    ARS Archive: configure threads

    Angel Tornero
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      We are planning forms ARCHIVE for a client and we have observed that when there are several forms with ARCHIVE at the same time the system runs the ARCHIVE sequentiall not parallel.


      We read this in the BMC documentation:


      "The BMC Remedy AR System server has a special user called AR_ARCHIVER to perform data operations : such as copying data to the Archive form and deleting data from the source form . If you run a filter log file , you can see this entry in the log file . The BMC Remedy AR System server reserves an internal thread Also for archiving"


      Filter log shows :

      smpintg_22_11_2013.log : <FLTR> <TID: 0000022124> <RPC ID: 0000000000> <Queue: Archive> <Client-RPC: 000000 > < USER: AR_ARCHIVER


      We have tried to configure RPC 000000, but the system shows the error: ARERR [436 ] (Invalid format for server information setting: 87 )


      Do you know if it can be configured in somewhere that the system makes form ARCHIVE parallel or find the RPC to configure threads?


      Thanks in advance and best regards ,

      Ángel Tornero