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    Default Permissions when adding new servers

      When a server is added in BSA, the Default Permissions seem to be BLAdmins  Server.*.  Although it's fairly straightforward to add permissions programmatically after the server is added, is there any way to set default permissions to something other than BLAdmins Server.* so there would not be a need to change it after it's added?

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          Bill Robinson

          During the server add you can specify the permissions you want that new object to have.


          Or you can create an acl template that contains the permissions you want to apply and set this template as the ‘Default Object Permission Template’ in the BLAdmins role.  that will apply to all objects BLAdmins creates.

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            Isaac Matta



            blcli_setoption serviceProfileName defaultProfile

            blcli_setoption roleName BLAdmins


            echo "Adding Server $1..."

            blcli_execute Server addServer $1

            echo "Applying AclTemplate $2 to Server $1..."

            blcli_execute Server applyAclTemplate $1 "$2" $3

            echo "done!"




            $ nsh ./addServerAndPermissions.nsh localhost "Sample Grant Read Only to All Roles" false

            Adding Server localhost...

            Applying AclTemplate Sample Grant Read Only to All Roles to Server localhost...