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    How to run multiple instances of PXE in BSA 8.3

      I have a mutli-homed PXE/tftp server in a single datacenter and I need to set up a different tftp ip for two eth ports on the system. I have seen the following post from Bill Robinson which addresses this issue directly but for an older version of BSA.


      How to Run Multiple Instances of PXE on the same system


      I was going to run through the steps but the BSA 8.3 installer does not allow you to run the installer on a system that already has PXE installed on it. Are there updated steps or a new process to get this running on 8.3 with an existing install?




      Notation from BSA online documentation I suspect is the cause of the installer not allowing the additional instance.


      Choose all components you need for the installation. If you choose not to install a component,

      you cannot add it to the installation later by running this installation script again.

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