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    Query regarding TMART Silktest scripting

    Gunjan Arora



      I have one query regarding the TMART Silktest scripting.In my recoreded transaction,my silktest agent is selecting a file with name yyyymmdd.prp(20131123.prp) and then after clicking that its opening a new window with name containing the date.

      Refer the attached screenshot 1 from where we have selected 20131123.prp and screenshot 2 showing the window name containg the same date.

      Corresponding to the same transaction,I have the below code to set active my window:

                                      [ ] BPProductPlans20131123.SetActive ()

                                      [ ] BPProductPlans20131123.ProductTree.ProductTree.DoubleClick (1, 36, 18)

                                      [ ] BPProductPlans20131123.Close ()

      So basically when the same is going to execute tomorrow,it will be selecting the 20131124.prp and the next window name will be going to contain the same(20131124) and my silktest code is going to search for the BPProductPlans20131123.SetActive () window,that going to fail as tomorrow the window will be of name BPProductPlans20131124.


      Do we have any way to use a generic name like BPProductPlans+current date in both frame file and the script file?