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    Help required to get a license report off BL 8.0.1



      I am fairly new to BL server Automation and I have been asked to produce a license report for the last 12 months. I have come across this webpage http://www.bmc.com/support/blusagereportsins.html but I can not seem to follow the instructions.


      We are using BL


      I have logged onto our server and logged into the console as per the instructions. Then how do i open a BLCI command shell ? I did open from the server a nsh.exe window and typed the command. This didnt work I get unknow command : name space = 'Utility" ........Utility has no commands by name : agentLicenseUsageReportByRelativeDateRange. Could it be this older version doesnt have this feature ??


      Any help at all would be good