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    nexec using Automation Principle?

    Johannes Richter

      Dear community,


      We have following use case to stop SCOM monitoring for a target server:

      1. get frontend FQDN (server property on the target)

      2. execute a batch script on the first SCOM server using a specific domain user (nexec)

      3. if script execution fails execute batch script on the second SCOM server using same domain user (nexec)


      We try to accomplish this using a NSH script but unfortunately we don't find a possibility to run the batch scripts on the servers with Domain user privileges. We already tried to use automation principles but it looks like the nexec doesn't pick it up and uses users file for mapping instead. Proofed by removing the mapping from users file and execution fails due to "not allowed to login".


      Any possible solution for this use case? It shouldn't be so complicated to simply run a script using a domain user

      Thanks in advance!


      - Johannes