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    Discovery & Removal of Idle/unused Vm's

      Hi All,


      We got a requirement from Virtualisation team, in our environmentwe are using Bladelogic widly. We want to find out all those Windows/Unix VM's which are Idle or unsed and want those to be removed.


      They want to use Bladelogic as VM's  are added to Bladelogic and RSCD agent is installed on them.


      Idle/Unused Criteria for E.g.:


      1. When the last Login done, I mean on based of some specified login period, taking example if no one logged in to that VM from last 60 days.

      2. Network Load and Traffic

      3. Disk I/O over a period of time.

      4. CPU utilization memory usages. etc...


      is it possble to get the liust of all VM's from Bladerlogic which are meeting the abouve criteria and unused. Thanks