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    upgrade testing

    Roland Pocek



      i need information on the best way (and possibly supported) to get TMART data from the production database into the testenvironment database for testing the upgrade to 4.2.

      all thoughts are welcome




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          Hal DeVore

          Sorry, Roland.  We do not have any mechanisms for replicating data from one TM ART database to another.



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            Roland Pocek

            thanks hal,


            is there any content in the db except the execution server configuration that i can run into troubles with when "copying" the prod database and connecting the test environment to it?

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              Hal DeVore

              Sorry for the delay, Roland.  This may be moot by now.  I depend on notifications from Communities and it failed to deliver this one.


              The database contains, as you mentioned, all the definitions for the Locations and Execution Servers.  It also holds the Projects and Monitors.  And, of course, all the historical data.


              However, TM ART Execution Servers bind themselves to a specific instance of TM ART Central by saving the hostname of "their" Central.  Any actively used ES will only allow connections from that Central.


              So copying the database should be fine if you really want to do that. You'll have to deactivate and delete the production Execution Servers and create new ones.


              If you want to run any monitors on the test system you'll want to retain the same Location names. Then I believe that the new test Central should pick up the monitors and send them to your new Execution Servers.  But this isn't something I've tried.


              If this is just for doing an upgrade test then you should have no issues using a database copy.  In fact it's something we recommend.  What release are you upgrading from?