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    Alternate approvers

      One of the approvers for a CI is on vacation. How may I set alternate approvers for him?

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          Nikhil Deshpande

          In Remedy, click Alternate Approvers --> select approver.

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            Sidhdesh Punaskar

            That user itself has to create an alternate approval in people profile.


            If that user is somehow not available then as an admin go to AP:Alternate form and create an record for that user.




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              Ashwanth Padmanabhan

              having approval admin permission under login access details tab of the people form 'update permission group' one can set alternate approvers for other person profile...

              so if you want to set alternate approver for B and lets say you are logging in as A then A should have approval admin permission in his profile so that A can login and go to B person People profile and access Alternate Approver tab and set the alternate approver for B.

              another way is logging in as the administrator user and access Approval Administration as sidhesh mentioned and going to the alternate tab and setting the alternate approver for B.

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                Saroj Sahu

                Alternate approver can be set as mentioned by others, but will take affect when you create new signatures and the alternate approvers will be notified as well. However alternate approver can still be configured and the alternate approver can login and approve a request. One can configure alternate approver from the people form as well.


                Also I think because the signature is already generated, so you may need to use the "override admin" or "full admin" feature of approval server. Login as an admin user, goto "approval admin console (ap:administration) -> admin tab" and create a approval process admin either as override admin or full admin and approve the request.

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                  Joseph Ruiz

                  Thanks, its was the case and doing this worked out great!

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                    David Dcruz

                    Does one need any permissions before becoming an alternative approver ? Can alternative approver be set for a normal user without support permissions on the people form ?

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                      Sidhdesh Punaskar

                      One requirement: The user should be created in people form with status enabled. No need to provide application/support group access.

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                        Saroj Sahu

                        To be designated as an alternate approver, there is no need to have a people record. Approval is a server feature and hence only having a valid entry in the User form suffices. People form is not a server feature and hence there is no strict dependency on People record though PPL form does provide an easy entry point to create alternate approvers.