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    How to pass parameters to executionTaskCleanup NSH script?

    Aryan Anantwar



      To delete the old jobs from BSA we get the attached executionTaskCleanup.nsh script.

      The syntax to execute this from NSH prompt is as below:

      nsh executionTaskCleanup.nsh -d 1 -t 2 -s false
      -d: debug level is from 1 to 5
      -t is time frame max days (how old jobs to be deleted)
      -s is set is false then it will delete the jobs.

      This is working fine on NSH prompt.

      we want to schedule this cleanup script, so added this NSH script to depot.

      but, not able to understand how to pass the flags & values (-d 1 -t 2 -s false) to it in console.

      Then We can create NSH Job & schedule it.

      Please help me over this, to parameterize this attached script.

      Thanks in advance.


      Aryan Anantwar