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    windows command adapter

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      Hello Friends,


      I am new to AO.


      I want to use Windows Command Adapter and run a command in remote host as Administrator.


      In registry if the EnableLUA is set to 1, then windows command is not executed remotely.


      But if we run command prompt as Run As Administrator, then probably the command might run.


      Is there any <config> setting for WindowsCommandAdapter where we can run the command as administrator?


      Any help would be highly appreciated.




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          Hello Shantanul,


          In order for the Windows Command adapter to work, you need to do the following:


          1. The BAO service where the adapter(s) are enabled need to be running as a specific user.  Instructions for this are at Post-installation tasks for the Windows Command adapter
          2. That BAO service user must be an administrator on both the BAO server, and the remote host.


          If you want to run the command on the remote host as a specific user, not "nt_authority\system", you must do the following:

          1. Specify <logon-with-user-credentials>true</logon-with-user-credentials> in the adapter request.
          2. The user specified in the adapter request must have "Login as a service" privileges on the remote host.


          The user specified in step 2 above, and step 2 here do not need to be the same user.  If the BAO service is also the service you want to use on the remote host, you must still provide the userID and password in the adapter request.


          Note that in theory the local administrator has the ability to logon as a service.  Any other user, even those on the Administrators group on the remote server must have that privilege set explicitly.



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